Af Temperature & Shape Setting of NiTi

NiTi-Treatment you can rely on

Shape Setting of NiTi Stents

Shape memory alloys like NiTi (Nitinol) require special equipment for shape setting and adjusting the Af-temperatures  of medical devices like stents and heart valve frames.

With profound know-how and dedicated equipment MeKo ensures the precise setting of these sensitive requirements.

NiTi (Nitinol) Frame
  • Full range of furnaces: chamber, salt bathes, vacuum.
  • Shape setting, Af temperature setting.
  • Quality inspection:
    • Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC.
    • Bend and Free Recovery BFR.
DSC-Test of NiTi-Stent

Through DSC measurements, MeKo verifies the transformation temperatures (Af temperatures) of shape memory alloys like NiTi (Nitinol). 

Bend and Free Recovery Test of NiTi stents

The Bend and Free Recovery (BFR) method is applied to measure the active Af-temperature of NiTi devices.