Improved Retention Forces for Crimped L605 Stents and Reduced Recoil

LowElast is a heat treatment

  • that reduces the “spring back“ during crimping of L605 stents
  • that reduces the recoil of the expanded / dilated stents
  • for a safe L605 stent-balloon system

Common L605 Stents

L605 stents show severe problems during crimping due to the

  • “spring-back” effect: high elastic strain causes a partial reopening of the stent after crimping
  • non-constant mechanical properties: straightening of the annealed tubing causes unstable mechanical properties
Advantages of LowElast
  • Reduced yield strength thus minimized spring-back effect
  • High retention forces of the stent on the balloon catheter
  • Adjustable and stable mechanical properties of the L605 stents
  • Reduced recoil