Heat Treatment

Heat Treatments you can rely on

The heat treatment is an important, often underestimated technology used to set mechanical properties of medical devices and to ensure reliable properties.

Due to our years of experience at MeKo, we are experts in the heat treatment of 316LVM, L605, Phynox, MP35N, NiTi

Grain Structure of annealed 316 LVM
  • Full range of furnaces: chamber, salt bath, vacuum
  • For 316L (316LVM), L605, Phynox, MP35N: annealing, grain fining, and setting of material properties
  • For NiTi: Shape setting, active Af-measuring, ...
  • Special LowElast heat treatment technology
  • Quality inspection in our MeKo-Lab:
    • Tensile tests
    • Metallographic analysis of cross sections

MeKo controls the time-temperature-curves for each heat treatment and verifies the results with tensile tests.