The Modified Surface for Drug Eluting Stents

modisurf-plus surface


For many years ModiSurf+ stands for a modified stent surface with superior adhesion properties. Millions of micro-blind holes on the polished surface guarantee a perfect adhesion of any kind of coating. ModiSurf+ combines the improved micro structured outer surface with the perfect smooth inner-luminal surface of electro polished stents.

A solution for challenging coating applications you can rely on.


modisurf plus chart 4k 1024

ModiSurf+ Illustration

Millions of micro-blind holes are uniformly distributed along the treated surface. Each blind hole acts like an anchor for the drug coating.


  • ensures superior adhesion of coatings to stent surfaces.
  • enhances the range of polymers applicable for DES. It’s the ideal solution for challenging drug coatings with or even without biocompatible polymers.
  • avoids the risk of coating delaminations during stent implantation, even for very thin coating layers.
  • ensures a smooth inner-luminal stent surface for optimum vessel healing and minimized thrombogenicity.
  • can be applied to all stent geometries.