MeKo - Facts and Figures

meko logo cad hd 1024MeKo is a globally active and ISO certified supplier specialized in laser material processing. We have more than 25 years of experience in laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding of metals and other materials. MeKo also offers a variety of secondary processing operations like heat treatment, electropolishing and mechanical processing. Different industries use our contract manufacturing services, like the medical sector, machine and plant engineering, aerospace and the automotive industry.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded 1991 by Dr. Clemens Meyer-Kobbe
  • More than 200 employees
  • Total company floor space 7800 m² (~ 84.000 sq.ft.)
  • DIN EN ISO 13485 certified
  • Customers worldwide
  • All business-branches with a focus on the international medical device market
  • Owner and CEO: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ök. Clemens Meyer-Kobbe