Sieves, Filters and Perforated Sheets

Laser cut holes and slots in highest quality

Full flexibility for your requirements

  • Hole sizes >15 µm; smaller diameters upon your request
  • Any material: steel, stainless steel & ceramics
  • Various geometries, f.e. sheets, cylinders, cones, circular blanks, hollow parts, nozzles and many more
  • Highest precision – even at fast perforation speeds
  • Any hole and slot geometries

Laser drilling - rapid and precise

Especially with very small holes and slots in thicker sheets, common manufacturing processes reach their limits quickly, both technically and economically. However, our laser systems offer various advantages: They work precisely, efficiently and are able to adapt to any kind of geometry easily, whilst maintaining their performance.


We offer more than just Laser drilling

In addition to Laser drilling, we offer numerous post processing procedures for your product.

Laser welding