Bioresorbable Polymer Scaffolds

Experience in Quality

  • Several laser machines specially dedicated to polymer cutting
  • Oriented, high strength polymer tubes in stock
  • Special testing and inspection equipment for bioresorbable polymers
  • Technology support for the development of your polymer devices

With the experience of more than 25 years in high quality manufacturing, MeKo offers unsurpassed technology for the manufacturing of bioresorbable stents. Laser cutting - only specialists can perform. The right choice of beam sources and cutting processes ensures almost no laser beam impact on the material properties of the polymers.

High quality bioresorbable implants you can rely on.

  • High strength materials
  • In clean rooms
  • Special laser equipment dedicated to polymers
  • Tight cutting tolerances
  • Minimum heat affected zone

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  • IV-testing
  • Tensile testing of micro specimens: axial and radial
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

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MeKo Final Inspection
  • Up to 100 % visual inspection
  • Wide range of manual and automatic measurement instruments
  • More than 60 special high-end microscopes - visual and automatic

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  • In vacuum tight pouches
  • Temperature controlled shipments