Medical Devices made by MeKo

MeKo‘s manufacturing processes are adjustable to almost any design.
  • We manufacture implants for all medical branches: Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Ophtalmology, Urology,...
  • Our customers order stents, heart valve frames, spinal cages and many other implantable components.
  • We manufacture instruments for minimally invasive surgery (MIS), clot and stone retrieval baskets, bone saw blades and root-canal files.
  • We manufacture orthopedic devices like prosthesis and orthoses.
With our modern ultrashort pulse lasersystems, we achieve smallest tolerances. The USP-systems are used for micro components or microhole drilling for Drug Delivery Balloon Catheters with drill-diameters from 2 µm on.
Frames made of NiTi (Nitinol)

Frames made of NiTi (Nitinol)

We manufacture a wide range of components

Medical Cages


Magnesium Devices

Magnesium Devices

Surgical Saw Blades

Surgical Instruments

Microholes for Drug Delivery Balloon Catheters

Microholes for Balloons

MeKo Stent


Bioresorbable Polymer Devices

Polymer Devices



Stent Retrieval Baskets

Stent Retrieval Baskets

NiTi Heart Valve Frames

Heart Valve Frames

NiTi Components

NiTi Components

Surgical Saw Blades

Bone Nails

Medical Devices

Your Medical Device...


MeKo Stents

The Stent Manufacturing Experts

Trust in MeKo for the manufacturing of your next stent design, as MeKo has been the pioneer in stent manufacturing since 1995. Today, we are one of the largest stent contract manufacturers worldwide and considered as the quality leader. Thanks to unique machining processes and our expertise, we bring even your most challenging projects to life.

MeKo's Manufacturing Process for Medical Devices

Excellent equipment is an absolutely vital requirement for medical device manufacturing. MeKo’s unsurpassed laser machines with high beam quality and extremely high dynamic accuracy provide precision cutting, drilling and welding of all metal alloys.

Experience in Quality


Professional Post Processing

A variety of post processing techniques complete MeKo´s services. Proprietary vacuum furnaces for heat treatment and self-developed electropolishing systems ensure outstanding post-processing results. In addition MeKo provides mechanical manufacturing capabilities with post processing services like bending, machining and mechanical surface finishing.


Automated Passivation of Stents


Over 1,500 materials and tube sizes are available on stock

Materials we use

• All standard metal alloys
• 316L medical (316LVM) stainless steel
• Cobalt Chrome alloys like L605, MP35N and Phynox
• Memory alloys like NiTi
• Special metals e.g. niobium, tungsten and platinum
• Ceramics
• Bioresorbable materials like Magnesium and certain polymers (PLLA...)
• Other materials on request

Experience in Quality

High level in-process inspection mechanisms ensures the most stringent quality requirements.

Final visual inspections assure a quality MeKo’s clients trust in. More than 100 special high-end microscopes are available to ascertain quality at any stage of manufacturing.

Clean rooms according to ISO 8 (Class 100,000) are available. Our MeKo-Lab offers extensive inspection and measurement procedures.

MeKo Cleanrooms

Contact USA West Coast

Metallurgical Solutions

1670 So. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 220
San Mateo, CA 94402
United States of America

Contact Worldwide

MeKo Laser Material Processing

Im Kirchenfelde 12-14
31157 Sarstedt / Hannover

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