NiTi Components

We manufacture your NiTi components and stents

NiTi is an ideal alloy for many medical components due to its positive characteristics such as super-elasticity, shape memory, strength and corrosion resistance. Many surgical instruments and implants such as stents are made of NiTi. MeKo is your specialist for NiTi components.

Different furnaces with precise temperature control ensure an ideal shape setting. Testing the transformation temperature with DSC method and active Af-measuring guarantees perfect mechanical properties. Excellent polishing processes with an adjustable range of material removal ensures round edges and a perfect surface quality. With 100 % visual inspection and automatic measuring of strut dimensions MeKo manufactures a quality you can rely on.

NiTi Stents


NiTi Shape Setting
  • Different furnaces for optimum shape settings
  • Furnaces with precise temperature control
  • Active Af-measuring by bend and free recovery
  • Transformation temperature testing with the DSC method
  • Measuring of mechanical properties with tension machines

=> Very stable and reliable shape setting process

Stent after Electropolishing
  • Electropolishing with different processes depending on requirements
    • excellent polishing process with adjustable wide range of material removal
    • no contact marks
  • Mechanical polishing if required
  • Unsurpassed surface quality
  • Round strut edges: inner and outer side of stents
  • Extremely homogeneous and constant material removal
  • 100 % final visual inspection of all polished components

=> Unsurpassed surface quality