Passivated Surfaces you can rely on

A good passivated surface decreases/eliminates heavy metal ion release and improves corrosion resistance, thereby reducing negative tissue reactions. It improves biocompatibility of medical products like stents and heart valve frames.

MeKo has developed optimum passivation processes for different materials, e.g. 316L (316LVM), L605, NiTi. The surface passivations are verified by corrosion measurements.

Automated Passivation of Stents
  • Special enhanced CorReSurf passivation process.
  • Automated passivation, neutralisation and surface cleaning of stents.
  • Quality inspection in our MeKo-Lab  
    • Potentiostatic measurements.
    • Cyclic potentiodynamic measurements.
Corroding Polarization Resistance of Stents

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is applied to measure the polarization resistance (Rp) of a corroding system.

Corrosion Tests

Potentiodynamic polarisation corrosion tests determine the susceptibility for uniform, pitting and crevice corrosion.