The Resorbable Magnesium Alloy for Scaffolds

With Resoloy®, MeKo offers a bioresorbable magnesium alloy with exceptional properties, serving as an attractive alternative to bioresorbable polymer scaffolds.


Properties of Resoloy®

Compared to PLLA, Resoloy® offers about three times higher strength, thinner struts, higher radial force, and is suitable for direct stent placement via balloon catheter. Coatings can adjust the degradation time from a few months (pure Resoloy®) to the desired lifespan. In addition to proven biocompatibility, Resoloy® has no shelf life and no temperature issues.


Residual-Free Degradation - "leaves nothing behind"


Adjustable degradation time and mechanical properties


Increased Radial Force

3 x higher than that of PLLA

Tubes in Stock

Ø 1,80 mm x 0,160 mm (Ø 0,071“ x 0,0063“)

Ø 2,20 mm x 0,160 mm (Ø 0,087“ x 0,0063“)

Ø 3,15 mm x 0,215 mm (Ø 0,124“ x 0,0085“)

Other tube dimensions available on request.


In-vivo Studies

MeKo conducts in-vivo studies for animal experiments in renowned laboratories:

  • Favorable in-vivo results for Resoloy® coronary scaffolds
  • Ex-vivo degradation analysis using computed tomography and SEM/EDS
  • OCT/QCA analysis
  • Synchrotron examination

Degradation Testing Laboratories

MeKo conducts in-vitro degradation tests for Mg scaffolds:

  • Simulated blood circulation
  • Controlled flow rate, pressure, pulsation, and temperature of circulation
  • Blood substitute solution for standardized tests: PBS, SBF, ...
  • Fast and reproducible degradation evaluation
  • Monitoring and visualization of the degradation process
  • Prediction of in-vivo degradation behavior

Functionality of Magnesium Alloy Resoloy®

Extensive in-vitro and in-vivo tests have been conducted for a scientific study on the degradation of vascular scaffolds (bioresorbable stents) made from the magnesium alloy Resoloy®. The results confirm that the degradation time of Resoloy® can be adjusted thanks to a double coating with fluoride and polymers. A significantly slower degradation is achieved in-vitro compared to Magmaris®. Another advantage is that Resoloy® degrades without residues. Animal experiments confirm the in-vitro results from the test laboratory and show that Resoloy® is highly biocompatible. The results of the published study demonstrate the high level of safety and efficacy of the alloy.

The New Resorbable Magnesium Alloy

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