High-Precision Polymer Tubes with Drug Integration

PolyMediX® tubes are manufactured at MeKo using a new innovative process. With PolyMediX®, we produce high-precision implants from polymer materials perfectly tailored to the customer's requirements. The gentle manufacturing process also allows the integration of drugs into the polymer tube wall.

  • Developed for implants such as stents
  • Biocompatible due to high chemical purity
  • High tube concentricity
  • Wall thickness tolerance of +/- 5 µm
  • PLLA, PGA, PCL, and other polymers
  • Selection of various drugs

Consistent Drug Elution

The ability to integrate drugs into the wall of bioresorbable polymer tubes is a unique feature. The drugs are released evenly during the individually adjustable degradation of the implant material in the body. This allows for long-term treatment with reduced immune reaction – often without oral medication.

  • Homogeneous distribution of drugs within the tube

  • Integration of various drugs possible

  • A drug gradient from the outside to the inside of the tube wall can be applied

Whether with or without drugs

The gentle manufacturing process ensures optimal mechanical and chemical properties. The high-precision polymer tubes show minimal wall thickness tolerances, e.g., +/- 5 µm for a wall thickness of 150 µm. We can manufacture tubes from as little as 5 g of polymer material. During laser processing, the right choice of beam sources and cutting methods further ensures almost no restrictions on the material properties of the polymers.

Length Up to 250 mm

Diameter 3 to 10 mm

Wall Thickness 100 to 500 µm

MeKo - The Experts in Bioresorbable Implants

In 2011, MeKo introduced Resoloy®, the resorbable magnesium alloy for scaffolds and implants. With the PolyMediX® platform, MeKo expands its repertoire in the field of bioresorbable materials and leverages years of expertise in laser manufacturing of medical components.

MekoHomogeneous distribution of drugs within the tube
MekoIntegration of various drugs possible
MekoA drug gradient from the outside to the inside of the tube wall can be applied


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