Sieves and Filters

MeKo drills circumferences of any size, from the micrometer range to large laser drillings in the millimeter range.

  • Hole sizes starting from 15 µm; smaller diameters available on request
  • Various materials: including steel, stainless steel, and ceramics
  • Different component geometries: sheets, disks, cylinders, cones, hollow bodies, nozzles, etc.
  • High precision – even at high perforation speeds
  • Any hole and slot geometries

Sieves, filters, and perforated sheets

MekoLaser Drilling and Bending
MekoDrilled Sieve
MekoFilter Cone
Laser Drilling – Fast and Precise

When it comes to drilling and slotting holes smaller than 1.0 mm, conventional manufacturing processes quickly reach their limits, both technically and economically. Our laser systems offer numerous advantages: they operate precisely, efficiently, and can be flexibly adapted to your tasks – all while maintaining high performance. Drilling speeds are particularly high for hole sizes between 80 µm and 150 µm. With drilling speeds of up to several hundred holes per second, filters, nozzles, sieves, etc., can be produced cost-effectively.

MekoPerforated Sheets
MekoFilter Cone
MekoRound Filter
MekoSlotted Plates
MekoFilter Disc
MekoPassing Sieve



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