Simulation Services

Simulation Services for Medical Devices

Simulation provides a cost-effective way to evaluate various designs virtually

This facilitates early identification and resolution of potential issues before introducing the product into clinical studies or use, minimizing the risk to patients and shortening development time. The ability to model various scenarios and conditions enhances the adaptability of products to different patient profiles and individual requirements.

Efficient simulation is essential for the manufacture of medical components.

Extensive knowledge of material properties, such as those for Nitinol, leads to fast and accurate simulation results, which play a crucial role in developing innovative and reliable components. At Meko, we are dedicated to gaining a comprehensive understanding of materials and their corresponding performance in various application contexts.

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MeKo offers you:

MeKo offers you:

  • Cost-effective and fast alternative to iterative testing

  • Accurate prediction of feasibility, performance, and durabilityt

  • Tailored solutions for various applications

  • Reduced patient risk

Validation of a finite element model regarding material properties and specified boundary conditions is crucial. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of simulation results, providing a precise representation of actual system behavior. Component simulation enables derivation of material and process limits, thus implementing optimization measures before production.

We achieve tailored solutions.

Together with our customers, we develop design optimizations, considering factors such as radial force, compressibility, or features influenced by the transformation temperature.


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