Rapid Prototyping

  • Prototypes can be manufactured within a few days
  • We maintain a large inventory of materials for rapid deliveries
  • Our manufacturing processes are reliable
  • We operate in a 24/7 shift schedule

Consultation and support for your success

In the product development phase, rapid prototyping is crucial for a quick and cost-effective entry into the medical market. Our customers combine their clinical experiences with ideas for new medical components or seek improvements for their existing products.

This is where MeKo comes into play

At MeKo, we support our customers in realizing their ideas! Our team of development engineers advises our customers on

  • Selecting the best materials
  • Optimizing the design of devices and medicine
  • Providing support for all procedural questions

Our manufacturing process optimally supports you in transitioning to serial production. Since MeKo uses series production machines for prototyping, we can smoothly transition to higher production volumes without requiring additional validations.

Our passion lies in offering our customers the right solutions for their products – regardless of the stage of manufacturing they are in.


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