3D Metal Printing

  • Any component geometry
  • Stainless Steel, Titanium, CoCr, others on request
  • High precision: Tolerances ± 0.2%, for smaller parts ± 100 μm and less
  • High resolution: Minimum detail size x = 100 μm, y = 100 μm, z = 20 μm
  • Strengths comparable to castings: Porosity of less than 0.3%

Manufacturing of Complex Geometries

3D Printing of Metallic Implants For the production of implants, we offer high-quality and precise metal prints - even for complex geometries. The reduced number of manufacturing steps allows for a reduction in time and cost.

3D printing excels where casting and machining reach their limits. An example is the production of porous structures that promote tissue growth onto implants, thereby promoting rapid healing. The freely selectable geometry allows the mechanical properties to be adjusted precisely. For example, this can prevent uneven stress and bone loss in bone implants.

Combination of Manufacturing Processes

With our range of various high-precision manufacturing processes, we offer you the production of multi-part assemblies from a single source. For example, the rotor of this heart pump was laser-cut and drilled from a tube, while the remaining parts were produced using 3D printing.

Prototyping with 3D Printing

Projects that can be implemented with other manufacturing processes benefit from the faster production processes of 3D printing. Especially prototyping and custom manufacturing are greatly accelerated.

Post-Processing of Implants

As a specialist in the production of implants, we offer you all post-processing steps for your printed components; this ranges from mechanical processing such as vibratory finishing and sandblasting to chemical processes such as passivation and electropolishing.



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