The nickel- and cobalt-free Vasculoy® alloy for implants

About 13% of the population suffer from nickel allergies, with a significant upward trend. For this reason, MeKo has developed an implant alloy specifically for vascular applications like stents for affected patients.


Facts about Vasculoy®

Vasculoy® - The vascular alloy, you can rely on

  • The only nickel- and cobalt-free alloy applicable for stents
  • High biocompatibility, especially for nickel-sensitive patients
  • Mechanical properties superior to conventional 316L medical (316LVM) stainless steel and comparable to L605
  • Excellent Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) compatibility, with significantly reduced artifacts compared to 316L (316LVM)
  • Improved corrosion resistance compared to 316L medical (316LVM) and L605
  • Low restenosis rates for nickel-sensitive patients

Vasculoy® - For Reduced Restenosis Rates

Vasculoy®'s mechanical properties, such as strength and elongation at break, are superior to 316L medical (316LVM) and comparable to L605, allowing current stent designs from L605 to be transferred to Vasculoy® without design changes. This ensures designs with thin struts, high flexibility, and positive clinical results. Vasculoy®'s corrosion resistance surpasses that of 316L medical (316LVM) and L605 by a significant margin. Additionally, its level of protection, a crucial attribute for stents, is notably higher.

Moreover, Vasculoy® is MRI-compatible, exhibiting 55% fewer artifacts compared to 316L medical (316LVM). Furthermore, the biocompatibility of Vasculoy® has been demonstrated without any restrictions or limitations.

As a nickel- and cobalt-free alloy, Vasculoy® outperforms all traditional implant materials.

Manufacturing of Vasculoy®

Vasculoy® is manufactured using high-quality melting processes to ensure microstructural integrity and cleanliness. These features enable reliable products with high-quality surface finishing. Combined with excellent mechanical properties, superior corrosion resistance, MRI compatibility, and unrestricted biocompatibility, outstanding stent performances are ensured, distinguishing Vasculoy® from other stent materials.

Developing Nickel-free Implants for Allergic Patients

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