Drug Delivery Balloon Catheters

We drill your balloons using UKP laser technology:

  • Hole diameter up to 2 μm
  • Adjustable hole sizes in 1 μm increments
  • Any hole distribution on the balloon
  • All types of balloons: peripheral and coronary
  • No restriction on balloon function: expansion, pressure (NP, RBP), etc.

Micro-Drilling for Drug Delivery Balloon Catheters

Drug-releasing balloon catheters (DDBs) are an alternative to drug-coated balloons (DCBs). The advantage of DDBs is that they do not lose medication before reaching the lesion. DDBs ensure localized intraluminal drug release (LIDD) upon expansion, delivering the medication precisely where it is needed.

Quality Assurance

  • Control of perforations using SEM
  • Measurement of fluid release rate relative to balloon pressure
  • Alternatively: measurement of gas flow rate (non-destructive, 100% inspection)
  • Full traceability
  • Professional production capacities

Why DDBs?

DDBs can release medication multiple times by repeatedly inflating the balloon. This means that a single DDB can treat multiple lesions in succession. The amount of released medication depends on the duration of dilation, internal pressure, and the number of holes in the balloon. Additionally, medications can be mixed with contrast agents at the time of the procedure, allowing for the use of unstable drugs. However, DDBs can also be used as "standard" balloon catheters without the addition of medication.

At MeKo, we can work on individual balloons or complete catheter systems.

To ensure reproducible quality, we use customized fixtures. Additionally, we have years of experience with various balloon materials such as polyamide (nylon), PET, polyurethane, etc.


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